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US vs Them

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As a gym these days it can be tough to run.  As people’s schedules are so busy.  With an so many workout choice and at home programs it can be tough to stick out.  People are sick of people/products promising the world yet no producing the results.  Of course it certainly does not always fall on the trainer/gym.  There are many aspects to getting results.  As I tell my clients, I can give you the greatest meal plan and I can write up the best workouts but I cant make you eat the food and I cant drag you out of bed and to the gym.

But what I can do is try to make the process more fun and appealing.  I can give you the tools, keep you accountable, and make the workouts fun and challenging at the same time.  I would like to add our workouts are effective.   We pick things up, flip tires , throw things, run outside,  climb ropes, and we use our bodies to do work.  We don’t use machines to workout.  That is not a shot on machines.  They can be very effective for people who use them correctly.    But most people in my opinion are not in search of a 6 pack.  They want to look good in there clothes, feel good and be healthier.  ( although we have several people with 6 packs)  :-)

2015-02-02 14.30.31Our workouts are designed to accomplish that.  To get you stronger, toner, to lose weight and to develop some confidence.  We want to help you set your goals so that you can reach them.  The difference between us and the gyms is this.  At most 24 hour gyms your going to get everything you need to get in shape.  But your not going to get the workouts, the accountability, and the atmosphere you get at Legacy Fitness.   I call you when you don’t come.  I give you nutritional advice, I do weigh ins and body fat.  We have childcare here and showers.  We also have 24 hour access and 24 workouts per month that we give you.  You don’t have to go searching for a workout on Pinterest or body building sites.

Sure most gym memberships are $50.  We charge $80.  But for $30 more, you get what you need.  What good is a gym membership if you are not seeing results.  Alot of people tell me they do not know what to do so they just run.  2015-01-31 08.48.40$50 a month for a treadmill seems crazy.  You can buy one for about $300 at a used sports store.  If you want nutritional help or workout…you are going to have to get help from a trainer.  Most of them are $40 per session.  Most trainers want there clients to come 3 days a week at $40 per session comes to about $480 per month.  To come to Legacy Fitness its only $3.50  a session.

We are not here to bash other gyms.  You are not just a number to us.  We built our business off of customers getting results.  Our/my reputation is on the line.  So if your sick of paying for a membership at a gym and tired of not knowing what to do or how to get results and are looking for more.  Please come in and try it out.  The first workout is always free.  We pride ourselves on being a gym that is known to be intense and provide challenging and effective workouts.  Because we know that produces results which is what you want!  That is what we are about!  Please come in and try it out, we think you agree we are worth it!!!

Problem #1  You drink to much

The only fluid your body needs is Water.  Iced tea and coffee are OK and most likely part of your daily routine.  You need to watch what you put in them though.  Sugar and sweeteners are terrible for weight loss or reducing body fat.  So put down the mocha and pick up a nice new water bottle.  This is very important in losing weight and body fat.

Problem #2 You think Healthy food is OK to eat alot of

Not true.  If you eat to much of anything it can be bad.  I am not saying don’t eat healthy but just saying watch how much.  Great examples of this can be nuts and fruit.  Both are great for you but if you eat too much your numbers and your goals can be tough to reach.  For example a banana has about 25-30 grams of carbs and peanut butter is good for you but very high in fat.  So be careful!

peanut butterProblem #3   You eat too much

I know alot of you think your nailing when it comes to not overeating.  But you could be way off if your not tracking you food very carefully.  That means every sauce that is on your burger or every dressing and cheese in your so called healthy salad.  Don’t be fooled by thinking that stuff does not matter.  In fact alot of the time its the highest in fat.  The calories in calories out method is kinda messed up.  That is basically saying you could eat 1500 calories in candy bars as long as you burn off 200 calories.  Your body is not a calculator.  You need to be eating the right amount of carbs, fat and protein.  For alot of people a 40/40/20 system works well.  40% of your diet comes from both carbs and protein and 20% comes from fat.  To find that out you need to find out how many calories you should be eating per day for your goals.  Click HERE to do that.

Once you do that then take that number and plug it in HERE.  You will need to adjust the numbers at the bottom to 40/40/20.  But that will help you alot more.

Problem #4  You don’t workout hard enough

Now it is important to stress that if your just getting going its a good idea to start slow.  This is when its good to have a trainer or someone that has been at it for a long time help you out.  It is easy to get stuck in a rut and never see any results if your not careful.  Start slow but don’t be afraid to jump in as long as you have no healthy issues.  If you do consult a doctor before you start any fitness program.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen women curl 5-pound dumbbells without breaking a sweat the entire workout. When I ask them why they don’t lift heavier, they usually answer, “I don’t want to get bulky.” Man or woman, you have to lift hard and heavy, and the reason has nothing to do with getting huge!fitness guy

If fat-loss is your goal, you have to create an extreme energy demand so your body can change. Lifting the same weight wont help you reach your goals.  And women you wont get bulky.  (that is an another entire post)

Problem #5 Your doing to much low intensity cardio

Runners are going to hate this but its true.    I am not saying that running at a slow pace is bad.  I am saying that its going to hurt your chances of seeing alot of weight and body fat decrease.  Its great that your being active but it your wanting to lose more weight and body fat you got to take it up a notch!  Add in more resistance training with less rest.  If you really want some good results try training hard and work full body or multiple muscle groups.  Or you could just Join Legacy Fitness and we can help you with all of this.

Gym vs. Legacy Fitness

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OK, this is simply some of the big differences between what we do at Legacy Fitness and what you get at the gym.  I am just trying to inform and not debate.  I understand that my program is NOT for everyone!  Some people get great results at the gym.  But if you have been at your gym for longer than 3-4 months and have not seen any results then something needs to change.  Either your program or your diet.  And if you dont have either of those, then in my opinion you need to get a trainer for a couple months!  That is just my opinion of course!

Gym:  No accountability

Legacy:  I text you or call you if you don’t come.

Gym:  Has equipment, but nobody to tell you if your doing it right.

Legacy:  I write up every workout and do them all before I put you through it.  So I am watching over you the entire class!

Gym:  No diet help

Legacy:  I will help you as much as you want.  We do it all here

Gym:  Mainly machines, cardio, and some free weights!

Legacy:  We don’t have 1 treadmill, elliptical or any machines.  Its all Olympic rubber weights, bars, balls, rings, ropes and dumbbells.

Gym:  Does not write up your workouts for you!  EVER

Legacy :  Writes up every workout for you and shows you how to modify things if you cant do it.

Gym:  Not all have childcare

Legacy :  offer childcare in 3 of our 5 class times

Honestly I could go on and on about the differences but I think I covered most of it here.  If your not sure about what to do or you are not happy with your current place then come by and try out a class.  Its FREE to try!

Come by and see us!

8 week Fat Furnace!

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Introducing the best program for getting results.  If your sick and tired of being out of shape and your eating habits need some shaping up.  Especially after the Holidays.  Or maybe you already eat pretty good and workout pretty regularly but you need to take your body to the next level.   Then is the perfect program for you.  We will give you daily nutrition numbers, killer workouts and all the accountability you need to succeed.

I personally did this and lost 11 pounds, 3% Body fat and gained 3 pounds of lean muscle.  And I already eat good and workout regularly.  I was blown away at how easy it was and shocked at the results.

Starts:     Monday, January 13th and ends Friday, Feb 21st

*call or email to get more information or to get your spot