Everyone can workout here!

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The Board

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So what is it about the board?  What board?  What am I talking about right?  Well when you come into Legacy you will see White boards.  Most of them are for writing up the workouts and or stations for that day.  But there is just one in particular….the one that we post our scores on.  Its special.  The most special board of all.

2015-03-04 15.50.18
For many that are not competitive this scares the dickens out of you.  Your thinking I have to write down my score?  “But I am brand new or I am still learning this stuff.”  The answer is, well…..Kinda.  I don’t force you to write anything down. Honestly!!!  In fact alot of times I wont even know if you dont.  I do know who does put their times down though.  But guess what, you will know.  Posting your time on the board is not about being competitive or showing off.  At least that’s not what its supposed to be about.  Yes its there to compare times and see where your at and at the end of the day to push people.  But really it is about is it is saying “I just did the FREAKING workout and I finished it!!”  I was here!!  I worked my tail off!!!  The time or reps are just the cherry on top.
It’s accountability not a competition.  Part of the board is telling yourself….good job, you finished!  it can measure progress, it can show you that there are faster times and you have room to  get better.  It can also show you that you have moved up and got better.  IMPROVEMENT.   At Legacy Fitness you will never be put down or told you did not do good enough.  Your going to be encouraged and as your finishing people are going to cheer you on!goals
Don’t let the fear of the board or the fear of not being able to keep up be what stops you from coming in!   Or for those of you who dodge the board,  I challenged you to own it.  Be proud of yourself.  After all most of your friends are at home sleeping or making up excuses of why they cant join you or why they think your crazy for crushing workouts everyday at Legacy Fitness.  Its about saying I just rocked that workout and I am damn proud of myself!
I am so proud of each and everyone that comes in here.  I know how challenging and daunting it can be at first.  We push it in here some days,  no doubt about it.  But we are all better because of it.  No one is left out and no one is better than the other.   Keep it up everyone!!

One Year at Legacy Fitness

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Welcome to Legacy Fitness

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US vs Them

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As a gym these days it can be tough to run.  As people’s schedules are so busy.  With an so many workout choice and at home programs it can be tough to stick out.  People are sick of people/products promising the world yet no producing the results.  Of course it certainly does not always fall on the trainer/gym.  There are many aspects to getting results.  As I tell my clients, I can give you the greatest meal plan and I can write up the best workouts but I cant make you eat the food and I cant drag you out of bed and to the gym.

But what I can do is try to make the process more fun and appealing.  I can give you the tools, keep you accountable, and make the workouts fun and challenging at the same time.  I would like to add our workouts are effective.   We pick things up, flip tires , throw things, run outside,  climb ropes, and we use our bodies to do work.  We don’t use machines to workout.  That is not a shot on machines.  They can be very effective for people who use them correctly.    But most people in my opinion are not in search of a 6 pack.  They want to look good in there clothes, feel good and be healthier.  ( although we have several people with 6 packs)  :-)

2015-02-02 14.30.31Our workouts are designed to accomplish that.  To get you stronger, toner, to lose weight and to develop some confidence.  We want to help you set your goals so that you can reach them.  The difference between us and the gyms is this.  At most 24 hour gyms your going to get everything you need to get in shape.  But your not going to get the workouts, the accountability, and the atmosphere you get at Legacy Fitness.   I call you when you don’t come.  I give you nutritional advice, I do weigh ins and body fat.  We have childcare here and showers.  We also have 24 hour access and 24 workouts per month that we give you.  You don’t have to go searching for a workout on Pinterest or body building sites.

Sure most gym memberships are $50.  We charge $80.  But for $30 more, you get what you need.  What good is a gym membership if you are not seeing results.  Alot of people tell me they do not know what to do so they just run.  2015-01-31 08.48.40$50 a month for a treadmill seems crazy.  You can buy one for about $300 at a used sports store.  If you want nutritional help or workout…you are going to have to get help from a trainer.  Most of them are $40 per session.  Most trainers want there clients to come 3 days a week at $40 per session comes to about $480 per month.  To come to Legacy Fitness its only $3.50  a session.

We are not here to bash other gyms.  You are not just a number to us.  We built our business off of customers getting results.  Our/my reputation is on the line.  So if your sick of paying for a membership at a gym and tired of not knowing what to do or how to get results and are looking for more.  Please come in and try it out.  The first workout is always free.  We pride ourselves on being a gym that is known to be intense and provide challenging and effective workouts.  Because we know that produces results which is what you want!  That is what we are about!  Please come in and try it out, we think you agree we are worth it!!!