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Thank you so much for checking out my site.  It means alot to me that you would take the time to check it out.  I wanted to let you know that I am free to chat or answer questions all day today.  So if you need any thing please dont hesitate to ask.  Here is my Cell number 913-207-3003

If you have never done a boot camp please dont let the name scare ya off.  I do an excellent job of modifying things for beginners but I am great at making things harder for those of you looking to take it to the next level.  This deal is a great way to allow you to come to class when its convieint for you.  So I hope that you will come in and give it a shot.  Bring a friend or neighbor along too.  Lets get this new year off to a good start.



A story about a guy I knew…..

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I want to share a story about a guy I know

This guy was your typical high school athlete.  By typical I mean he played multiple sports like many others do in high school.  He was very active weighing around 180lbs or so.  After high school is when this story really begins.  I’m talking about the lifestyle change.  I am sure you guys know what I am talking about.

You see in high school he had been so active he could eat whatever he wanted and according to him….. he did.  Remember in high school when you could eat 3 servings of ice cream before bed,
drink pop all day long, eat the whole bag of chips, AND YOU WOULD STILL LOSE WEIGHT?  That’s the type of diet my friend had on a daily basis.

Anyways as he got out of school and he continued on this path.  Except now lets add in binge drinking, smoking and late night waffle house runs.  He continued on this path for years.

Also in this time frame he had to work full time in order to keep beer in the fridge, a cigarette in his hand and rent paid.  And pretty much in that order.

During this time he was pushing close to 200lbs.  So in 4 years time he had gained 20lbs.  Does that sound similar to any of your paths?

This guy even told me that he realized that he was getting fat but he said it just didn’t come on super fast and so it was like he kinda got used to the way he looked even though he was slowly gaining weight.  So every once in a while he would get on the scale and it would be up or down a few pounds.  He said it yo-yo’d like this for along time.  He was up….he was down….but gradually kept getting fatter and smooshier.

During this time he said he started smoking more heavily, around a pack a day….and the drinking continued pretty much as it had been.  After all he’s 20 and in college.  That’s what he was supposed to be doing right???  Well that was his philosophy at least.

Now lets fast forward to 2006 when he decided he wanted to be a personal trainer.  Sounds hilarious now doesn’t it.  What a model trainer.  I still laugh thinking about this.  What could HE, have been thinking?  I mean who would want to train with a trainer that doesn’t workout or live healthy?
I compare this to going to a dentist and him telling you to brush your teeth and he is missing half his teeth.  I’m guessing most people probably wouldn’t hold his advice very truthful.

So now after a year of school this guys is 208 pounds, a drinker, a smoker and working a construction job that HE doesn’t have any passion for.  He still has no clue that God has this crazy plan for him.   So anyways as he is telling this to me I ask him “what type of job are you doing?”  He tells me he working as a carpenter.

A job that he explains HE has to be very precise, a perfectionist if you will.
In this job he learned not to cut corners, he learned to do things the right way even if it wasn’t the easy way.  Being on time was a must and he said
IF He didn’t work, he didn’t get paid.  It would be later that these things would start to make sense.

He explained his heart just wasn’t in that job.  At times he said he thought “there is no way that this is my calling.”  So Me being a personal trainer,
I asked him more about the personal training job.
He explained …it was rough.  He said he was training about 3 clients a year.  He even did an outdoor boot camp once.  He said that it was awesome       training outside in July, cancelling every time a thunderstorm or heat wave came through.  I laughed when he told me this, because out door boot camps are a tough gig.  That lasted one month he said. But it was a great a learning experience.

Eventually the Economy started to slow down so he was forced to get a more steady office job.  He had a pregnant wife and a family to think about.  So he stopped training pretty much all together.  Still working out from time to time.  Still smoking and still drinking.  While working in this job the scale eventually hits 218lbs.   A 40 pound weight gain since High School.  Again going back to Gods plan.  Even though he currently isn’t working out, drinks a pop a day and still smokes.  He really still has no idea where this job falls in line with being a Fitness trainer….his true passion.

In this office job he works as a salesman for a small company.  He thought he was a very good salesman.  He said he actually got the company’s biggest single sale in the companies history in his first year.  One day he said he got a call to come down to his Boss’s office.  He said at the time he thought nothing of it.  He said he was thinking he was about to get a promotion.  But when they asked him to sit down he knew it was not good.

Isn’t funny how people ask you to sit down when there going to tell you something bad?  Why is that?  Any body know……I don’t get it…

They informed him that he WAS working his last day there…Laid OFF …..another words KINDLY FIRED.  He described being speechless, scared and angry.  He said he felt like a failure.  This was rock bottom for him he said. He described making that phone call to his wife on the way home.  Imagine being a jobless father with a 1 year old at home.  He said it was the hardest phone call he has ever had to make.  It was all he could do to hold himself together.  I don’t think unless you have been in that position, that you could understand as a man how that feels
Think about it….what would you say?

Men are wired to want to provide for their family’s and when they cant…it has to be tough. We have big egos and want to be the leaders and Hero’s of our families.  This was a time when he didn’t live up to that.

It took him a few years to understand why it happened..but He told me that he realizes now what the job was meant for in Gods plan.

One of the hardest things to do…  admitting when we are wrong.

Its hard to admit that we could have done better. Its our own fault. Looking back He said that he would have fired himself too.  He deserved it and had it coming.  He said he spent way to much time complaining, not working, playing solitaire and face booking.  He could of and should have worked harder.  He said he did learn a few things though, he learned to sharpen his talking skills.  He learned how a small business was ran
and he also learned that he didn’t like sitting behind a desk.  Again like the Carpenter job these would all make sense later.

Now he is unemployed, outta shape and has no clue to what he was going to do.  As he is telling me this I’m thinking it cant be any worse!  And he tells me this is when it all started to make sense!

He said he was drawing some unemployment and searching for a job like a mad man.  He said it sorta just started to make sense to him.  Gods plan started becoming more clear and eventually a fire was lit.
After begging his wife to let him explore this personal training/boot camp idea one more time.  She was actually on board, and thought it was a good idea.  And that’s all he needed, he said.

So that’s when he said he started to put in work.  Even though they had no money to get a gym membership, he did.    He started eating healthy, cut out the sonic blasts, sonic burgers, McDonalds Fries, Applebee’s, Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwiches, oh and of course,  beer.  He gave up smoking cold turkey.  As he continued to look for jobs he worked on getting the word out about boot camp.  Starting reading, getting more educated, and developed and tested his own workouts.
He was on a mission.
He had a sense of purpose.
He knew that he was meant to do this job.  This is what God wanted him to do at this point in his life.

After much hard work and help he had around 30 victims……. I mean people that were interested in trying boot camp.  So after about a year of planning, working out and praying.  He finally got HIS chance to start LEGACY FITNESS.

That’s right if you had not figured it out by now….this is actually MY story.  This was a shortened version of my journey to becoming a trainer.
I wanted everyone to know that I know what its like to be unhappy.
I know what its like to fail.
And I also know what its like to make the right changes and crawl from the bottom,  back to the surface.

Legacy Fitness is not about what I WANT you to look like.  Its NOT just about having a 6 pack and dropping jaws at the pool.  Its about YOU.
What do you want?
How do you feel when its just you standing naked in front of the mirror?
Are you Happy?
Are ya Ashamed?
Satisfied or Proud?
Only you know that.  And until you decide to set a goal, small or large, and start working toward that goal.  Chances are its never going to happen.
I CAN WANT IT FOR YOU until the cows come home but until YOU are ready and willing to do what it takes…those goals will be tough to reach.

I waisted alot of my time and to this day I am still paying for it.  But I can honestly stand up here today and tell you, that it can be done.  I am living proof.  I went from 220lbs to 180lbs in about 4 months.  I changed my eating habits.  I stopped the binge drinking and fast food smorgasbords.  I started working out every day and eventually I got there.  I made it my lifestyle.  It was not easy, and it was not fast.  But when I look in the mirror now…I am happy.

My goals have changed since then but at the time when I hit 180 pounds I was SO proud of myself.  I was happy when I had to go shopping for new clothes.  The compliments I got were nice too.  In fact I had to go get my wedding ring re sized because it fell off my hand.  At that time my goal wasn’t to have a 6 pack.  It was……

basically to not scare the kids at the pool when I took my shirt off.

It was to look good for my wife.

And it was to just feel confident in the clothes that I wanted to wear.

That’s the great thing about setting goals. Goals are meant to be reached,


and reset.

I am on a new mission now.  But my question’s to YOU ….are this.

What do you want?

What are you willing to do to get there?

How bad do you want it?

So in conclusion, I hope that you will feel comfortable enough with me to talk and share your story.  Share you struggles and frustrations. If you have questions I hope you will ask.    And if you do this I believe that together we can set you up so that your up here next year giving YOUR victory speech.

25 Random Facts about Me

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Hey everyone,

I just felt like writing when I woke up this morning.  I woke up refreshed, blessed and happy.  So I thought about what I could do t o make someone else smile today and this is what I came up with.  25 random facts about me.  This is hard to do.  I challenge you to write 25 things down about yourself and share.  Its kinda hard.  Hope you enjoy.


1.  I hate when people touch my belly button.  Not sure why…but I HATE it.

2.  I have a fear of needles.
3.  My dream car is a 1978 Trans Am.  I also want a 1994 Camero SS because it was the car I wanted in high school but couldnt afford.
4.  I will be having my second child in Jan.
5.  I used to Smoke.  Sad but true.
6.  I used to be Fat.
7.  I am a total dreamer.
8.  I love to play the “If I won the Lottery, I would…..” game.
9.  I am addicted to the TV show Lost.  Thank you Netflix.
10.   I feel sorry for my wife Shana for having to deal with me and my dreams.  If you only knew the half.  HAHA
11.  I hate most vegetable…but know I have to eat them.
12.  For some reason I like to put up Christmas lights.  I love the time of year.
13.  I love to prank people.
14.  I love Adam Sandler movies and Kevin James.  There comedy fits my personality.
15.  I taught myself to moon walk on YouTube.
16.  I love Chipotle…burrito bowls.  Remember the burrito shells have almost 400 calories…so stick to the bowls people.
17.  I am happy.
18.  I have never been in a physical fight.
19.  One of my pet peeves is when people where Nike socks with Reebok shoes…or any brand with another.  Dont ask me why.  I have not idea.
20.  I think Quik trip is awesome.  Although I dont recommend it…I have the best secret cheater snack and I get if from hear occasionally.   Ask and I might tell ya.
21.  I can play 2 songs on the guitar….the “Hanuka song” by Adam Sandler and “Im not afraid” by Eminem.
22.  Kobe Bryant is my Favorite Player and I think he is better than Michael Jordan.  Although I grew up on and love M. J.
23.  One of my dreams is to be in a movie with Adam Sandler.  So if any of you can make that happen…I’ll take you as my guest to the premiere when the movie comes out.  Haha..seriously.
24.  I can talk all day long.  I am a total rambler.  Some of you already know this.
25.  I am a Christian and love my church, my family and my job.

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This post is just a mixture of feelings, thoughts and even frustration.  As many know the Holidays are a fun time.  They are a time of joy, laughter and also a time of extreemly busy schedules.  I totally and whole heartily understand that.  I love this time of year. But it seems like people devalue there health and during the Holidays (which is the worst time to stop working out) they take a couple months off or dont come to class much.
Lately I have noticed a drop in attendance in my classes.  There is so much sickness going around and that is preventing people from being able to make it.  So that is also part of it.  That is just part of life….nothing I can do to stop that.  Here in the Midwest it is starting to get cold.  It is so easy to stay in bed in the morning.  It is hard to come at night because you want to go home and get cozy.  All of this I understand too.  Its human nature.
I feel responsible though in some sort of way.  I feel like I need to be trying something new.  Coming up with some new concept or class.  Pushing people harder or not as much depending on the client.  I ask myself “what am I doing wrong?”  ”why cant I get them to understand how important this is?”  I feel sometimes like I am beating a dead horse….(not sure what the saying means but it fits right?)  I guess what I mean is I can stand up in class or the gym all day long and tell people what the consequences are for unhealthy eating and not exercising frequently.
But honestly I think at times people are like…shut up!  WE already know this crap.  And I understand that too.  Scare tactic facts are thrown in our face all the time.  All be it true, but they get old.  It has been really hard for me this month especially, to figure it out.  I feel like I am being tested.  Not by my clients…just tested.  Have you ever felt like this?  Ya know like no matter what you do its not working…haha…so frustrating.  And to add to it, I think that I have probably worked the hardest I have ever worked this month.
Some might say  ”dude your clients have already paid you, who cares if they dont come?”  And that is the way alot of trainers will look at it.  But not me.  I want my clients to get the results they are after.  And its my goal to figure out a way to help them get there.  I feel like this is my calling in life to this point, to help people.  I am not the best at it.  I have alot to learn.  Some times my methods and ideas are different then most trainers.  And some times they are just bad ideas and dont work the way I thought they would.  But one thing I do know is that I have tested my workouts and methods and I know they work.
But one thing I dont want to be is fake.  I want to tell people the truth.  I want to share my own struggles and failures.  I want people to understand that I am not perfect and that this lifestyle that I promote is real for me.  It does not come easy for me.  I have been out of shape and I struggle to keep weight off like everyone else.  But  with all that being said….if they do what I say and give it some time they will achieve there goals.
I hardly ever use my blog to write about me. Because its my job is not about me, its about helping you.   But I just wanted to get this off my chest. Even if nobody reads it….haha. Its not directed too or towards anyone.  So here is what I am going to do.  I am going to quit pouting about it.  I am going to keep my nose to the grindstone as I tell my clients.  I am going to continue to call people when they miss class, I am going to continue to try and be funny in class, I am going to continue to bust out my moon walk at times and lastly I am going to continue to encourage people and to do my best.  I love my job and my clients, family and friends.
Thanks for listening/reading.  I would love to hear your feedback on this.  Let me know if you have ever felt this way.

It feels better to EARN it

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Today was a the end to a great week of boot camp.  I really felt like this week was very complete. I had alot of challenging workouts and we worked a ton of different muscles.    I am pretty happy with it.  Although attendance has been down this week.  I am not sure if it is the cold weather moving in and everyone is in freak out mode because they want to spend there last days outside?

This brings me to a couple thoughts.  As a trainer I still get bummed out when attendance is down.  Not sure why really?  I mean I have already been paid for my services… it shouldn’t matter right?  Well to alot of people it is right…but to me its not.  I feel like its my fault.  I am not doing enough…not writing up effective enough workout and not checking in with you guys as much.  this is going to drive me to work harder for you guys.  I am going to work longer and make sure that I give you all I got.  I promise!!

I know there is alot of things that I can help.  Busy schedules, sick kids, spouses schedules and on and on.  I also know that some people are not probably doing whats best for them.  I wish I had the magic pill that would make life easy and results come faster.  But I dont.   Now dont get me wrong I am having so much success with weight loss.  In fact I had to add 2 new members to the 20 pound club and 1 new member to the 50 pound club.

I  want results for some of my clients I think more than they want it.  Today as I was running I asked myself this question.  ”  If I could snap my fingers and give someone there final long term goal right then….how much would they be willing to pay?  And then how hard would they work to get the money to pay for it if they didn’t have it?”   Lets just put the price tag for that at $1200.  Do you think they would pay it?

Now what if I told you that in 1 year you could have the same result and it would only cost you $720 (which is what it cost for 1 year of boot camp)?  I would follow with you would know you earned it.  You would learn alot about yourself and you would teach and encourage so many others to do it as well.  I would also say that your going to have a way better chance of maintaining those results because you learned to break all your bad habits.

With the quick fix option your chances of all that are not good.  You wont appreciate it and you will have a hard time keeping that body because you never learned how to get it.  Makes alot of sense huh?

So remember that even though its hard to get up early…it hurts to push yourself hard at times.  But all in all your going to feel better, look better and have a great opportunity to impact your kids, family and friends lives.  So keep grinding, pushing, sweating and working out.  It will pay off….I promise.  Let me know what you think about my question and my opinion.