Battle of the Sexes Final recap

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IMG_7040Well Battle of the Sexes 2015 has come to a grand conclusion.  It was a ton of fun and we learned alot.  The girls came out victorious with a 3-0 sweep of the guys.  The process of BOTS is a long and vigorous one.  4 weeks of intense workouts with pressure to perform well.  I really enjoy this process but it is long and draining.  It is worth it in the end, but it was long a grueling.  I am so proud of everyone that competed and tried their hardest.  It sure is hard to swallow getting a beat down like that.  Congrats to the girls.

One thing I took away from the process is that we all can really do some incredible things when the pressure is on.  I saw people put up some incredible times and scores on some really tough workouts.  I learned that the girls we have in the gym are strong, powerful, competitive, and confident.  I am proud of them for what they have and can achieve as I have a small part in that.  Some of the guys this year were very new to the gym.  So I am happy that we have had so much growth in the past 3-4 months.

With that being said this leads me to what BOTS is really all about.  You see alot of people ask me or mention “not wanting to push it that hard, or why do you like to push it so hard?”  And that makes alot of sense.  I mean go workout and punish your body.  Seems kinda crazy.  But nobody thinks twice is someone says I am training for a 5k run or a 1/2 marathon, right?  Well it it sorta the same thing.  We work out hinny’s off every day, and it is fun to test ourselves.  IMG_7389

Competition usually brings out the best in us.  I saw people run faster and work harder in BOTS than they do in any other workout.  I think most will agree that we all can take it to another level in our training if we are being honest.  I know I can.  I felt like my running endurance was not the best.  My legs fatigued quick.  So I need to put them through that pain more often so I can excel when  I need to.IMG_7090

Here is some of the things that we can take away from it all.  Form, form, form.  I will take full responsibility.  I can honestly say that the guys were bad at cleans.  Bad, bad, bad.  So that means we got to get better.  I need to be better.  I am going to start calling people out on their form.  There is no reason to cheat yourself.  The form can be several things.  Flexibility, technique and all that stuff we can do better here in class and in warm up.  I want you all to feel confident in your lifts, so we are going to slow it down on those exercises and make sure we got it down pat.  As your trainer I need to be a little more patient, as you do as well in wanting to get to the bigger weights.

So for now, I want to congratulate the ladies.  You ALL, are very impressive.  I am so proud of you all.  You gave us a Royal butt kicking.  And guys we need to accept it.  They were faster, stronger and more determined.  So tip of the cap to you ladies.  The score has been evened 1-1.  I am excited to see what we will have next year.

Everyone can workout here!

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The Board

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So what is it about the board?  What board?  What am I talking about right?  Well when you come into Legacy you will see White boards.  Most of them are for writing up the workouts and or stations for that day.  But there is just one in particular….the one that we post our scores on.  Its special.  The most special board of all.

2015-03-04 15.50.18
For many that are not competitive this scares the dickens out of you.  Your thinking I have to write down my score?  “But I am brand new or I am still learning this stuff.”  The answer is, well…..Kinda.  I don’t force you to write anything down. Honestly!!!  In fact alot of times I wont even know if you dont.  I do know who does put their times down though.  But guess what, you will know.  Posting your time on the board is not about being competitive or showing off.  At least that’s not what its supposed to be about.  Yes its there to compare times and see where your at and at the end of the day to push people.  But really it is about is it is saying “I just did the FREAKING workout and I finished it!!”  I was here!!  I worked my tail off!!!  The time or reps are just the cherry on top.
It’s accountability not a competition.  Part of the board is telling yourself….good job, you finished!  it can measure progress, it can show you that there are faster times and you have room to  get better.  It can also show you that you have moved up and got better.  IMPROVEMENT.   At Legacy Fitness you will never be put down or told you did not do good enough.  Your going to be encouraged and as your finishing people are going to cheer you on!goals
Don’t let the fear of the board or the fear of not being able to keep up be what stops you from coming in!   Or for those of you who dodge the board,  I challenged you to own it.  Be proud of yourself.  After all most of your friends are at home sleeping or making up excuses of why they cant join you or why they think your crazy for crushing workouts everyday at Legacy Fitness.  Its about saying I just rocked that workout and I am damn proud of myself!
I am so proud of each and everyone that comes in here.  I know how challenging and daunting it can be at first.  We push it in here some days,  no doubt about it.  But we are all better because of it.  No one is left out and no one is better than the other.   Keep it up everyone!!

One Year at Legacy Fitness

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Welcome to Legacy Fitness

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